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Acire 0.4 Released

March 26, 2010

Acire 0.4 Released

I am proud to announce the release of Acire 0.4!

This release includes the following new features

  • Documentation Links – many snippets now include links to relevant documentation links, and these are shown right within the Acire interface and just a click away.
  • Alphabetized Lists – the list of categories in Acire and the list of snippets in each category has now been alphabetized which makes navigating available snippets much easier.
  • HIG improvements – thanks to Matthew Pirocchi fo contributing a branch for helping Acire to fit in with the GNOME HIG better. The changes are subtle but really sleek. 🙂
  • Number of snippets– the number of snippets that are currently available are now shown on the status bar.
    Link to how to add snippets – Acire is nothing without python-snippets, so I added a link in the *Help* menu to [this page]( which explains how people can contribute snippets.

These features are in addition these features which already exist:

  • Diverse Library Of Examples – via the Python Snippets library, Acire provides you with access to hundreds of available snippets spanning a wide variety of Python modules.
  • New Snippets, Daily – for Ubuntu users, our library of Python Snippets is available in a package that is updated daily. We are always adding snippets, and they will be delivered to your system effortlessly.
  • Browse Snippets Easily – snippets are organized into a series of categories which neatly map to Python modules. When you select a category you will see a list of available snippets.
  • View Code – code for snippets is just a click away, using full syntax highlighting and respecting your Monospace font settings on your desktop.
  • Test and Run Snippets – snippets can be run right from Acire with a single click. See a snippet running, browse the code and understand how it works.
  • Play With Snippets Your Way – looking at a snippet’s code and want to change something to see what happens? No problem, edit the code, run it and have fun. When you are done you can even save your snippet to a file on your computer.
  • Available In Your LanguageAcire is available in multiple languages, with many more with each release.

Installing Acire 0.4 is a doddle if you are running Ubuntu (Lucid and Karmic) or Debian, just follow the instructions. Right now Acire is not packaged for other distributions, but I would love it to be: drop me a line if it is and I will update the website with installation details.

At the heart of the Acire and Python Snippets project are Python snippets that are contributed by the community. We need YOUR help to produce more snippets to help opportunistic developers really harness our wonderful platform. To contribute a snippet follow the guidelines here.


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  1. Milan permalink

    Hi, I created live ebuilds for gentoo, I would like to post them to gentoo bugzilla but will wait until tarball releases for both acire and python-snippets. I did managed to install it but with lp:~jbernard/acire/no-desktop-couch branch. desktopcouch gave me much troubles, some errors with gnome keyring during initalizing, I even started couchdb via init script, don’t know what is wrong… You should really consider droping it, many many dependencies, erlang and what not… acire is great but as a snippet browser it should not be that heavy weight.

    • jonobacon permalink

      Milan: thanks for your work on this. I agree with the DesktopCouch dep and it is currently an open bug ( I expect Acire 0.5 to resolve this issue. Thanks!

    • Henry78 permalink

      Milan, please share your ebuild-in-work, so I haven’t to do it form the very first. And I second the demand for traball releases.

  2. Henk Postma permalink

    Hi guys, this looks really quite interesting. Is it possible to browse the snippets on a website without installing Acire?

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